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History of the Mark Ryden brand

Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden Global is a UK based company dedicated to creating fashion accessories. The brand has already managed to gain popularity not only in the UK itself, but is also gaining momentum in other countries of Europe and Asia. Representative offices of Mark Ryden are in Italy, Spain, Indonesia, China. Our company is glad to officially introduce you to the brand in Ukraine.

Products Mark Ryden is created primarily for residents of modern large cities. They care about how to look stylish, appreciate comfort, functionality, quality and, of course, manufacturability. Most Ryden backpacks and bags are designed to carry different gadgets. That is why high-quality water-repellent fabrics, usb-ports, organizers for laptop tablets, anti-counter protection systems with secret zippers or code locks are used. Often there are convenient models-transformers. All the models are really thought out in terms of functionality and correspond to the latest trends in the world fashion of different directions.

Thanks to the fact that production itself, like many European brands, is located in factories in China and Indonesia, Mark Ryden managed to make its products highly competitive in price. At the same time, the quality of execution and materials strictly meets the requirements of discerning European consumers. Moreover, since Mark Ryden positions its products not simply as ordinary backpacks and bags, namely, as image, they must be presentable, status and durable. And here the British do not change themselves. The quality, quality of products is felt in Mark Ryden in every detail.

Mark Ryden