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Warranty & Returns

The warranty period for all products of our online store is 90 days. The warranty period for all products is calculated from the moment of filling in the warranty card. In the event of identification of manufacturing defects during the warranty period, the Seller undertakes to repair or, at his discretion, replace the product with a similar one. Warranty repair is carried out within 14 working days. The buyer delivers the product for warranty repair at his own expense. Please treat your product carefully and carefully, as this will ensure the preservation of appearance and useful properties for a long time.

When wetting the product, drying should be carried out at room temperature in a suspended and straightened state. Do not dry products in close proximity to sources of heat and open flames.

Easy dirt on the products is removed with a brush or a clean dry cloth. It is recommended to clean the products with a damp soft cloth.

It is unacceptable to zip up a crowded bag by applying effort. The permissible load for city bags and backpacks is 5 kg. For defects caused by non-compliance with the rules for the care and operation of the product, the warranty does not apply. For warranty repairs, you can contact all of the contacts listed on our site mark-ryden.com.ua

Return and Exchange:

When carrying out the delivery, the buyer without the explanation of the reasons has the right to refuse the purchase of this product, but at the same time the cost of delivery is paid by the buyer. The buyer after the purchase of the product has the opportunity within 14 days to return the product (with the preservation of packaging and labels). When refunding the cost of delivery will be withheld from the buyer, the buyer returns the goods on their own. After the purchase of the product, the buyer also has the right within 14 days to exchange for a similar product (with the preservation of packaging and labels). On exchange or return of goods, you can contact all of the contacts listed on our website mark-ryden.com.ua