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Backpack MARK RYDEN PANZER MR6768 "Anti-Theft"

The name "Panzer" is translated from German as "armor". This is one of the most spectacular new models of backpacks from Mark Ryden. And Panzer not only looks like a stylish frame backpack-shell, it really protects your things, like a reliable armor.

High quality materials and accessories, it is felt from the first touch. It is made of waterproof material, it closes on hidden zippers, which are fixed from above with a combination lock. Inside the skin, in addition to soft layers of softening blows, sturdy polypropylene plates are sewn, which you can not cut with a razor or knife.

A lot of functional, special offices will help maintain order in the backpack, because everything will have its own convenient place.

Available in black and black-gray.

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Видео обзор рюкзака Panzer
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