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Backpacks with one strap (one shoulder)

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There are different types of crossbody bags. This section presents messengers, bananas, running options, as well as models that are close to full-size backpacks in style and content, but are more compact and have only one strap. In addition to the smaller dimensions, which in many cases is a significant advantage, another indisputable advantage of such products can be called a universal way of wearing. These backpacks are comfortable to wear not only on the back or shoulder, but also on the chest. The latter method involves faster access to all departments of the bag, it does not need to be removed or even just twirled to get the necessary thing. At the same time, the accessory is always in your sight, and the probability that someone else will get to its contents is significantly reduced.

We can safely say that a single-shoulder bag should be in every men's wardrobe. It will be useful for many people in everyday use and will definitely be indispensable when traveling. More precisely, of course, you can replace something with something, but the comfort and ease of movement will no longer be there. Let's start with the airport or train station-passports, money, tickets are always literally at hand, you do not need to hand over your luggage even when flying with low-cost airlines. It is easy to take it as an appendage to any ordinary travel backpack or suitcase, and it is this "appendage" that you will use 100% later on excursions through European streets, walking along the Thai coast, haggling at Turkish sweet grand bazaars or photographing lions with elephants on an African safari. Hands are free, you feel dynamic, unfettered, unencumbered with an extra burden, while all the necessary and valuable things are with you.

To feel all the charm of a single-key backpack, you don't have to go far away, just go for a light walk to the park closest to your home. Yes, many of this volume is quite enough even for trips to work or school. It all depends on the specifics of your activity and the set of things that you carry with you every day.  After all, despite the compact size, this type of bags is actually very roomy, thanks to the design and carefully thought-out system of compartments.

Mark Ryden has very small models that just fit a smartphone, documents, keys, cards, and a notepad.  There are also larger backpacks on the shoulder, in which you can also easily carry a medium-sized tablet, a powerbank, a bottle of water or, for example, an umbrella. In any case, every inch of the interior space is well planned and calculated, so that you can pack your things as neatly and conveniently as possible, and have optimal access to them. External pockets are designed for small items, hidden and internal compartments - for valuables.  

As in the full-size versions, Mark Ryden carefully selects fabrics and accessories for compact accessories. The bags are made of dense, reliable polyester or waterproof, pleasant to the touch, durable vinyl. They have a spectacular and concise design and retain their original appearance for a long time to harmoniously complement your stylish image.  

The strap is always adjustable, adjusts to your height, volume, and most often has a variable fixation on the right or left side. The soft membrane on the inner side does not press (even when the bag is fully loaded) and serves for additional ventilation of the air between the strap and the body in the heat, and also provides a more pronounced grip on the surface of slippery outerwear in the cold. 

The Muzee brand is represented by canvas products. Messengers and small backpacks in vintage style give a special flavor, charm and trendy relaxation to the whole image.