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When going somewhere for a weekend trip or going on a long trip to distant countries, we always take our luggage with us. Its configuration and volume depends on the purpose and duration of the trip, the number of things that we are used to doing. We can take either one travel bag, or a backpack, or a suitcase, or all of them together.  In any case, a good roomy bag should be in the arsenal of every traveler, because this accessory is universal and suitable not only for any trips, but also, for example, for going to the gym (but an athlete's bag, on the contrary, can not always effectively serve as a travel bag, but more on that later). Therefore, let's determine which criteria are most important when choosing this type of product.

Start by choosing the size. There are large copies (60-100 l), which are suitable for lovers of intensive shopping. Medium-sized models (35-60 liters) are also roomy, less heavy and at the same time more versatile. Small (15-35 l) - choose for children, they are also ideal for hand luggage, for small weekend trips. 

Most travel bags have a soft top and a hard bottom. This is due to the fact that in this way, it is easy to adjust its volume and fullness, but the accessory will still keep the shape and the things inside will be protected.

The material from which a high-quality travel bag is made (such as that of Mark Ryden, Muzee and Mazzy Star) must first be durable. So that on the road there is no surprise with a torn sidewall, which can turn out to be not just an embarrassment, but a real problem, since a piece of luggage can fall out through the hole and get lost. Pay attention also to the quality of the seams at the joints of the sides and at the places where the straps and retainers are attached. The well-known proverb about a suitcase without a handle is quite relevant in relation to the bag. 

Ideally, if the carrier is made of a moisture-proof material or fabric with a moisture-proof impregnation. Even if forecasters predict sunny weather, they are known to be wrong. And the price of this mistake can be wet or completely spoiled things along with your mood. In addition, such a product is less dirty and it is easy to clean it with a regular wet cloth, which will preserve its decent appearance, and your image as a whole.

Look at the handles and the long shoulder strap. The first should be easily located in one hand and at the same time have a comfortable grip so that the edges do not bite into the skin, even if you have to carry an accessory filled to the brim. The strap should have an adjustable length, and a padded shoulder pad will provide you with more comfort on the road.

It is also good if the bag has many pockets and compartments. Moreover, both external and internal, and hidden for valuables.  The outer ones will be needed for small things that are always at hand (like the same napkins), and the inner ones will help you to neatly arrange your things and do not have to break through one general department upside down to find what you are looking for. Pay attention to how well organized the internal space in the products of the brands Mark Ryden and Mazzy Star. They also provide soft sections for equipment – a laptop or laptop and a tablet, because now few people travel without these gadgets. The term "secret pocket" refers to a" disguised " compartment that is not conspicuous at a cursory glance, it is convenient to transport documents and other valuables there.

All these criteria are also applicable when choosing sports bags. Although they are often simpler than those designed for travel. That is, they are made of less durable material and have only one large compartment with an additional pocket.