Mark Ryden official website in Ukraine
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Mark Ryden official website in Ukraine

About company - Mark Ryden is the official representative of the MARK RYDEN brand in Ukraine. Our company guarantees the originality and high quality of the products that our customers receive. A large, constantly updated assortment, which provides our customers with a wide selection of models, as well as access to the latest brand collections. The showroom and warehouse of our store is located in Ukraine. This allows us to guarantee fast shipment and delivery of Mark Ryden products.

Only the original Mark Ryden product has a protective hologram and a warranty period of 90 days. A simple scheme for the exchange or return of goods. To do this, you just need to call our store and follow the instructions of the consultant. Our managers will professionally advise and select for you a backpack or travel bag, as well as accessories for them, in accordance with your requirements. You can get a consultation: in the chat on the website, in the Viber messenger at +38 (068) 301 01 04. And on our Instagram page, watch product video reviews and live photos, ask a question about the product in Direct.

You can pay for the goods in one of the most convenient ways for you: payment upon receipt (cash on delivery), cash payment to the courier, prepayment by transfer to a Privatbank and Monobank card, secure online payment on the website through the LiqPay service - Visa / MasterCard.

5 benefits of Mark Ryden products

  1. Appearance. In a large list of product categories, you will find models for a variety of tasks and areas. All of them are united by their compliance with global urban fashion trends: modern laconic design and high quality. Mark Ryden products are branded products with a unique design that always look stylish and presentable. Be it backpacks with a classic design and design, ultramodern backpacks with an LED screen or canvas backpacks, brought into a separate brand line "Muzee". You can always choose and buy a Mark Ryden backpack in the style that is closest to you, and at the same time be sure that it looks dignified and relevant.
  2. High quality. Premium quality of materials, execution, along with design idea, makes our products so effective. Fabrics not only have such characteristics as increased wear resistance, photoresistance (do not burn out in the sun) and moisture protection. They are also very pleasant to the touch. Accessories from the world's best manufacturers YKK (Japan) and SBS (China) are not just reliable, they are smooth and easy to operate, and the number of opening-closing cycles up to: 50,000.
  3. Ergonomics. All the details in our products are thought out to the smallest detail. Your things will always be in order, there will be a convenient compartment for everything. Many models of backpacks and bags have special soft pockets for office equipment (laptop, tablet, powerbank), external USB port, compartments and latches for bottles, umbrellas, glasses, pens, keys and much more. Orthopedic backs of backpacks are made with inserts from a "breathable" membrane, on straps there are special shock-absorbers. Models with the "Anti-theft" function have secret zippers and pockets, inaccessible from the outside while the backpack or bag is behind you. There are models with combination locks on a lightning, and also with impenetrable plates. Shielding plates are actively introduced to protect credit cards from being scanned by fraudsters. Compartments in all products are located so that at filling, weight was distributed correctly, your back, shoulders were as much as possible unloaded. So it will be convenient to carry such a backpack or bag over your shoulder. Many models are also equipped with large raincoats.
  4. Assortment. Managers of our company will help you to pick up production depending on your preferences: a backpack (city, under the laptop, school, under hand luggage) a bag (road, in a gym), a shoulder bag, a purse, a business card holder and other ... Moreover, everyone The product category - backpacks, cross-body, shoulder bags, travel bags, belt bags, purses - is represented by a whole line of models. You can choose both one product you like and choose a set of accessories that will complement each other (for example, backpack + wallet). And although Mark Ryden was originally conceived as a brand of men's accessories, with the growing popularity of the company, new product groups are emerging. So added women's, children's and school product line with constant updating of the range. There are also branded related products - covers, power banks, umbrellas, travel bags, etc.
  5. Price. Our customers can buy branded products with excellent quality materials, design and functionality at affordable prices. Thanks to the correct distribution of production resources and logistics, Mark Ryden was able to create a premium quality product that is not inferior, and sometimes superior to products from the luxury segment, but at an affordable price. This is the case when the reality exceeds expectations and the comparison with other brands in terms of "price-quality" will always be in our favor.

All MARK RYDEN products are created with the idea that your trips, whether daily travel around the city or travel to other countries, were as comfortable as possible. "Quality and technology in every detail" - the company's motto, which is used at all stages, from sketch development, selection of materials, production to the receipt of the product by the end user. Our team is constantly working to ensure that you get real pleasure from using Mark Ryden products.

Mark Ryden is the official online store of Mark Ryden in Ukraine. You are guaranteed to be able to buy only original products from us at the best price in Ukraine.

For wholesale purchases and dropshipping, please call: +38 (068) 301-01-04, +38 (095) 301-01-04, +38 (063) 301-01-04 or write by e-mail. mail

Certificate of official distributor Mark Ryden in Ukraine

Certificate of official distributor Mark Ryden in Ukraine