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Business backpacks

What is a business backpack?

Gone are the days when the phrase "men's business backpack" was considered an oxymoron and this kind of accessory was worn exclusively under sports or hiking clothing. The modern concept of men's business wardrobe has changed a lot, there are such concepts as "smart casual" and "smart business". Traditional briefcases, bags and cases, considered classics, certainly still have the right to be in your arsenal, but in certain style combinations. Otherwise, the whole image begins to smell intensely of mothballs, boilerplate and excessive conservatism. It is unlikely that you set yourself such tasks. After all, a backpack is also much more convenient than any bag. Therefore, the person who chooses it translates confidence, pragmatism and ease of decision-making. However, despite the current democratic business style, which allows a combination of even a strict two-piece suit with a backpack, the latter also needs to be able to choose the right one so that the entire outfit looks complete, dignified and presentable. So what should be the optimal business backpack? Let's get this straight:


Conciseness is what you should focus on. This does not mean that the backup should be exceptionally simple, but you should avoid active eye-catching accessories, bright inscriptions and similar decorations. It is great if its shape is clearly read geometrically – in the silhouette of the case, the pattern of the seams and the location of the outer pockets, if they also have a decorative function. Naturally, you do not need to take accessories with the original bias in sports and hiking style (soft shape, carabiners, hanging cords, loops, etc.). Well, of course, the color. Calm, neutral, solid color. Preferably black, gray, dark blue at most. Here, business etiquette remains unshakeable and does not even accept such seemingly "normal" colors as green or blue, not to mention neon and such patterns as tide-eye.


Documents, papers, laptop or tablet, office, powerbank, smartphone, wallet and personal belongings-all this should be carefully placed inside, have optimal access. That is, the most valuable things and gadgets should be hidden so that while you are on the road, an outsider does not get to them, and the little things that should be at hand (for example, an electronic pass) – quickly and easily removed. A good backpack will definitely have a laptop compartment, hidden external pockets, and an organizer system. The external USB port, which allows you to take out the cord for charging your smartphone outside of the closed back compartment – is also a convenient thing on the road or, for example, at a business meeting in a cafe.


Modern urban business backpack is mostly medium-sized and does not involve carrying a large number of things. Nevertheless, its volume is quite enough to take it in hand luggage, or for one or two-day business trips. That is, it corresponds to the dimensions of a standard urban backpack. Also, there are trending business models-they are more compact, flat and designed to be worn only "office kit" and it is unlikely that a spare jacket or bulky personal items will fit there. But larger backpacks, as a business should be considered only if you always need to have a roomy carrier with you (for example, you need to carry a 17-inch laptop, product samples, etc.). Otherwise, go every day with a half-empty large trunk… There's not much style in it, let's just say.


The fabric should be strong, dense, and keep its shape well. No hanging rags! It should not easily appear hooks, stretch marks, faded spots from the rain. That is, it must be of high quality and not lose its appearance quickly. The same applies to accessories – broken off dogs, half-peeled paint on the zipper of cheap products will very eloquently tell about your business status. Dense textile polyester or PVC (vinyl) are preferred-artificial materials, now much more technologically advanced, practical and relevant. If you are still looking at natural materials, then leather is acceptable, but no canvas (cotton).