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Backpacks with LED display

The Mark Ryden Pixel is an everyday backpack that never bothers!

You can create pictures, gifs, inscriptions, download them from the gallery of finished materials or download from the Internet. You can use graphic combinations of text, photos, characters, animation. In the application on the smartphone, you can adjust the brightness, the frequency of the change of images and set other parameters for controlling the display of the backpack.

The backpack case can be chosen in black, yellow, gray, pink or blue. It is made of a moisture-proof wear-resistant material that reliably protects the contents of the backpack. The portfolio is spacious and very light - only 812 grams.

This backpack is comfortable to wear on any clothes, in the heat and in the cold.

1. Is it difficult to choose a backpack with your favorite hero for your daughter?

Buy Elsa .... a doll LOL ... maybe all the same unicorn? And tomorrow, she will see a new "favorite forever" movie and want a new character? You can put a new image on your backpack from Mark Ryden with a LED display at least every day and it will always be interesting for your child!
The led screen expands the scope of using such a familiar thing as a backpack. It helps to develop creative thinking, imagination, allows you to figuratively express your thoughts and interests.

2. Does your son enjoy football or love fighting online games?

Does he like the heroes of MARVEL or Star Wars? Does he have a favorite band or channel on Youtube? Let him learn to figuratively convey his interests, thoughts, to show his personality with the help of a backpack from Mark Ryden. For the backpack's LED display, it can create pictures, animations, labels, download them from the gallery, or download from the Internet. With a backpack that can accurately convey your mood and interests, you will be going to school with great pleasure!

3. Do you want the child to learn to show his personality?

Could figuratively express your thoughts and interests? Developed creative thinking and with great pleasure went to school? The new model from Mark Ryden with an ice screen expands the scope of using such a familiar thing as a backpack.

4. Ride your bike or electric scooter and worry about road safety?

Is it scary to let your child go to school because he needs to cross the road with a lot of traffic? A Mark Ryden backpack with LED screen will make you more visible in traffic, especially in the dark. It is enough to install a blinking picture on the backpack monitor, for example, with a red triangle and you will definitely attract the attention of road users.