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Backpacks with LED display

Pixel is a backpack for every day that never gets boring!

We present you the first Ukrainian brand of backpacks with LED screens - Sobi. We have managed to combine the maximum possibilities for your limitless creativity with the reliability, comfort and quality of products. With the Pixel Backpack, you can bring your ideas to life on the display. An inscription, a picture, an animation, a gif, or an image created by you may appear on your backpack. You will use them to convey your mood, communicate with the world in any language or without words at all, share your impressions and surprise your friends.

Such a backpack will help an adult to show his individuality more vividly, will allow the child to develop creative thinking, and will teach to express his thoughts and interests figuratively.

Pixel – это рюкзак на каждый день
Pixel – это рюкзак на каждый день

Traveling, playing sports, riding an electric scooter or walking in the park, going to school, university or to work with such a backpack will be not only interesting, but also convenient.

The display backpack is protected from dirt and moisture, has padded inner layers that absorb accidental bumps and keep your belongings, papers and gadgets securely inside.

It has wide shoulder straps, a well-thought-out design, thanks to which the backpack can be worn tirelessly even all day long. It has dedicated laptop compartments and handy internal pockets to neatly store everything you need.

We have expanded the range of LED display backpacks so that you can choose the most suitable case configuration in terms of size and design. Backpacks from the Ukrainian brand Sobi are suitable for children, teenagers and creative stylish adults. With such a backpack, you can even go to a serious business meeting, because it is worth turning off the screen and in front of you is already a laconic and strict accessory. At the same time, the possibilities offered by a monitor on a backpack are also quite successfully used in business. The logo and slogan of your company glowing on the screen will cause much more interest and will be more noticeable than just a printed analogue.

The attention-grabbing ability of the ice-display backpack also improves your safety on the road. Drivers will surely notice a blinking picture behind the back of a student walking along a crossing or a cyclist riding along the side of the road. This is especially true in the dark, and in winter in Ukraine it gets late and dark early.

Pixel – это рюкзак на каждый день
Pixel – это рюкзак на каждый день

Another undeniable superpower of a backpack with an ice display will surely be appreciated by parents of schoolchildren. They already know how quickly the interests and tastes of their beloved children change. Today my daughter is crazy about Elsa from "Frozen", and tomorrow she already draws in the fields of freaks from "Among Us". My son would like an accessory with a photo of a cool blogger from Youtube, an anime character or at least a favorite hero from the Marvel universe, but there are only Lightning McQueen and Spider-Man on sale with Batman?

You can put any image on the Pixel, and at least every day a new one. This is a backpack that never gets boring. He will always "keep up" with your child's hobbies, allow him to express his thoughts figuratively and even help him find friends with similar interests.

What is the screen size and what does it work from?

All models have the same size of ice display - 25x25 cm. It is a flexible and reliable construction of 4096 LEDs, it is protected from moisture and operates in a temperature range from -25 to +40 degrees Celsius. It displays 16 million colors at a resolution of 64x64 pixels, which means that any pictures, gifs and even most photos will look great on it. The screen is powered by a 10,000 mAp Powerbank, which comes as a gift to the backpack. A single charge lasts an average of two days of active use.

Pixel – это рюкзак на каждый день

Pairing the backpack and your smartphone

Connect the Pixel backpack to a portable battery (Powerbank) or to a charger with 5V 1A output characteristics via USB cable. A welcome message will light up on the screen.
Download the free "LED Space" app for Android or iOS from Google Play or App Store. Launch the app and follow the prompts to connect to the device. Application in Russian.
In the phone settings, open the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth section and connect to an access point named "YS + serial number". To establish a connection with the device, enter the numbers "12345678" in the "Password" field.
After connecting to the "YS ..." access point, reopen the LED Space app and click the "Connect" button. Now create your own drawings, text, animations or download from your gallery and send to your screen.

How do I customize the image?

Using the application, you can control the brightness of the screen, set the frequency and order of changing images. It has a bank of ready-made pictures and GIFs, but you can also create your own unique sketches right in the application or use your favorite illustrations from the gallery of your phone.

Screen control is so simple and intuitive that even the smallest owners of a wonderful backpack can do it. At the same time, carrying a smartphone with you all the time is not at all necessary, it is only needed to change and customize the theme on the screen.

In our online store you can buy a backpack with a screen in just a few clicks and get the opportunity to easily cheer yourself up every day.

Download LED Space app