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Luggage and carry-on luggage

We travel by plane with Mark Ryden: What kind of backpacks can one take in hand luggage on board

Путешествуем самолетом с Mark Ryden

A backpack, perhaps, can be called without exaggeration the most convenient carrying for things in travel. In any Mark Ryden backpack you can reliably pack office equipment and all the essentials of personal belongings. It is comfortable to be worn behind your back on walks, you can take it to the salon of the bus, attach it for a special strap to a large suitcase while moving, for example, at the airport.

That's why we often hear questions from our clients concerning near and far trips abroad: "I have a few flights with short transplants, I do not want to take things into my baggage, will this bag go by the norms of hand luggage?" Or simply "A in hand luggage it passes? ".

We answer: there are no universal parameters for hand luggage, it all depends on the requirements of the airline you are flying to. Most rucksacks and bags Mark Ryden correspond to the permissible dimensions (they are indicated to each product on its page) by the hand luggage of air carriers performing scheduled and charter flights from / to / across Ukraine and other countries.

However, first, be careful when loading your backpack, so as not to exceed the limit on the weight of hand luggage. Secondly, in some low-cost, even compliance with the rules of hand luggage does not guarantee that the backpack will fly with you on board. For example, Wizz Air and Rineyard, immediately warn on their website: hand luggage can be guaranteed on board only if you have the right or have paid the service "Priority landing". If not, hand luggage may be required to be delivered to the luggage (you will not have to pay it).

Also in most airlines besides hand luggage are allowed to take on board:
- women's bag
- the press for reading
- laptop in a special bag
- camera in a special bag
- plaid
- one unit of outerwear
- pair of crutches
- umbrella
- for a baby carrying, baby food, a folding stroller

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the airline you are flying to, in accordance with the rules and conditions for carrying hand baggage. For clarity, we have prepared for you a table with the regulations of some airlines.

Name of airlineMaximum dimensions of hand luggageMaximum weight of carry-on baggageNote
Ukraine International Airlines 55 х 40 х 20 см7 kg - economy, 12 kg - business, 15 kg - business in the 3-4 zone.For participants "Panorama Club" + 5 kg, but not more than 12 kg. On the airplanes Embraer-145, other standards of hand luggage - 55x35x15 cm, up to 5 kg.
Wizz Air Ukraine55 X 40 X 23 СМ10 kgGuaranteed on board hand luggage will only get if there is a "Priority landing". Also, it gives you the right to take in addition to hand luggage bag dimensions of up to 40 x 30 x 18 cm.
Turkish Airlines (Turkish Airlines)55х40х238 kgThe business class provides two places for hand luggage.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in Ukraine55 x 35 x 25 смHand luggage + 1 small bag with a total weight of 12 kg For business class - 18 kg
Lufthansa55 x 40 x 23 см8 kg
Dniproavia55х35х15см5 kgon Boeing 737, 767 - up to 10 kg.
Belavia 50х40х20 см8 kg - economy, 12 kg - business
Ryanair 55 x 40 x 20 cm + small bag 35 x 20 x 20 Passengers with Priority Boarding (Priority boarding - paid service, purchased separately), will be able to carry both bags on board. Passengers without Priority boarding must pass (for free) a large hand bag baggage to the luggage.
Air France 55х35х25 см12 kg – economy, 18 kg - business
Motor SichIn the sum of three measurements up to 115 cm5 kg 
AtlasGlobal (Atlasjet)56х45х25 8 kg 
Pegasus Airlines 20 x 40 x 55 cм8 kg 
LOT Polish Airlines23х40х55 см8 kg – economy, 9 kg - business
Air Astana 56×45×25 смThe weight limitation for hand baggage is not specified, but the total weight of the baggage must not exceed 32 kgBusiness class provides two places for hand luggage
Qatar Airways50×37×25 см7 kg Business and premium class provides two places for hand luggage.
Emirates55×38×207 kg Business and premium class provides two places for hand luggage.
FlyDubai55x38x20 см7 kg Business class provides two places for hand luggage
YanAir55 см × 40 см × 20 смkg economy, 10 kg  - business
Alitalia55х35х25 см8 kg 

Also we draw your attention to the fact that it is impossible to take into hand luggage:
- liquids if they are packed in excess of 100 ml (in the amount not more than a liter), except those that were purchased in DutyFree just before planting and not opened;
- canned food in tin cans;
- Stitching and cutting objects, including manicure scissors, nail files, screwdrivers, souvenir knives, etc .;
- weapons and imitation (toys);
- creams, lotions, sprays, oils and other gel and creamy cosmetics if it is not purchased just in Duty Free and unpacked .;
- pressure bottles as deodorant and shaving foam;
- toothpaste;
- lighter.