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Backpacks with USB port

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Mark Ryden backpacks with USB-port - this is an excellent solution for those who actively use the smartphone on the road. It allows you to easily and safely charge the gadget on the go. You put your powerbank in the pocket of the main compartment and connect it through the cord (comes with a backpack) to the inside of the USB port. Close the backpack. All. Now through the external USB-plug, which is located on the side of the backpack, at any time you connect your smartphone with your usual cord for charging. And you continue to read messengers, check mail, flip the social network, do and upload pictures, play games, etc.

When you go to the metro, bus or train, go on a busy street or walk in the park, this way of charging is convenient and safe. First, you do not need to carry in your hands with a smartphone powerbank. Secondly, it allows you to keep the backpack CLOSED and do not even remove it from the back. You will definitely appreciate this technological element of backpacks from Mark Ryden. After all, it will make your daily life even more comfortable.