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Backpacks for laptops 15.6" inch

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An urban backpack with a 15.6-inch laptop compartment is the most convenient carry case for your laptop. No exaggeration. Firstly, in addition to the laptop itself, you can put there all the other things that you carry with you. Secondly, of course, carrying a laptop on your back is easier than in a bag, and your hands remain free. Thirdly, the presence of expensive office equipment with you does not catch the eye of the attackers, since you can’t see from what the contents of the backpack are. Fourth, this type of carrying protects gadgets perfectly, both from mechanical damage (shock, crushing, moisture in the event of rain), and from the same pickpockets. Since most Mark Ryden backpacks have anti-theft elements in the form of hidden zippers, combination locks, impervious plates or design features that make it difficult to access the compartment with a laptop.

It’s not surprising that 15" laptop backpacks represent the largest range of products in the Mark Ryden range. You can easily find the backpack that meets your wishes in appearance and functionality. After all, our designers design models in different styles to suit trending directions, and technologists control the use of modern developments and the ergonomics of each model.Choose your own and enjoy daily comfort with a Mark Ryden backpack.

How to choose a laptop backpack 15.6" inch?

Before you buy a 15.6-inch laptop backpack, we recommend that you pay attention to a few points that will help you make sure that your choice is correct.

1. A special pocket for a laptop - so that your equipment always remains intact and safe, it should not hang around the entire interior of the backpack. For her there should be her own compartment, which securely fixes it in one place and does not allow it to come into contact with other objects inside. The pocket must have an upper latch or be deep enough so that the laptop does not fall out of it. The pocket should have an internal soft layer that protects the gadget from shock and squeezing. The fabric from which it is made can be either smooth or soft velor, but most importantly, not roughened so that it does not scratch the surface of the laptop when you stack or remove it.

2. Pocket location - "Correct" laptop compartment is always located at the back. Since most likely the laptop will be the heaviest item in the backpack, this arrangement will allow you to balance the weight of the contents. This will "unload" your shoulders and back, such a backpack will be much easier to carry. In addition, it will be very difficult for an outsider to get a laptop from the far compartment without your knowledge, even with a solid orthopedic back.

3. Outer fabric - so that sudden rain or sloppy liquid does not turn into the final chord in the life of your laptop, choose a backpack made of waterproof fabric. Drops, without being absorbed, literally flow down it. But we want to draw your attention to the fact that you should not overestimate the water-repellent properties of most such fabrics. They, of course, will not allow the contents to get wet while you are running from the shower in search of shelter, but if you spend hours under water or put it in a puddle, then after some time the backpack can still get moisture. Even if the product is completely made of absolutely water-repellent vinyl, then with prolonged contact, water will find a loophole, for example, through a seam of waterproof zipper. In general, you can get into the rain with such backpacks, but it’s better not to risk it by arranging an excessively long "shower" for them.