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Carry-On - Mark Ryden Backpacks or Luggage

Or what to prefer when traveling by plane, a backpack or a suitcase.

It all depends on who and where is going. For example, for a glamorous girl, a plastic suitcase and a glass of Starbucks coffee is practically Mastkhev props to an installer from the airport. And if no joke, then let's consider the main advantages and disadvantages of luggage and backpacks precisely as carry-on baggage in various conditions.


  • 1. WHEELS.
  • (+) You can roll it and not carry it on yourself. Undoubted advantage, for example, for a child or a person with a sore back. Well, a fragile girl, of course.
  • (-) It is worth jamming at least one wheel or moving away from the airport, walking along the pavement of European streets, as a suitcase becomes a real burden. Any steps or bumps in the road become a challenge! And imagine that the weather is bad and you have to knead the wheels with dirt. In general, this is an option for those who have only “airport-direct transfer-hotel” on the route.
  • (+) Capasity of suitcases of size S are as close as possible to the maximum allowance of hand luggage for most airlines. The actual volume of the suitcase is really more than many backpacks. S-bags have a volume of 30-37 liters, backpacks up to 30 liters. That is, more things should fit in a suitcase.
  • (-) In this case, the weight of an empty suitcase is two to three times the size of an empty backpack. That is, if you limit your hand luggage to 7 kg, you will have less than five kilos left on your belongings.
  • 3. FORM
  • (+) Thanks to a rigid form, things in a suitcase are less crumpled. Plus, in addition to a suitcase on most airlines, you can take a ladies' bag / laptop bag / small backpack and put it on it.
  • (-) Different airlines may have slightly different size standards. Somewhere passes a height of 55 cm, and someone has a tolerance not more than fifty centimeters. And a suitcase cannot be “minded” to the standards of the luggage frame at the airport. And a couple of extra centimeters will turn you into a serious overpayment. In addition, plastic cases do not have external pockets, so you need to open it completely to get some trifle.
  • (-) Suitcases, as a rule, do not provide a pocket for a laptop (and if there is even one, then getting a laptop at each control from the suitcase is really uncomfortable). That is, in any case, in addition to the suitcase, you will have to carry an additional bag for gadgets. And for MAU, for example, only one hand luggage item is allowed. And carrying a bag with a laptop will cost you an extra 15 euros.

  • (+) Hands free. And you are not afraid of any roads, ups and downs. With a backpack, you are not tied to the hotel and, if there are a few hours left before departure, you may well spend them on a small city tour instead of hanging around the airport with a suitcase. If you like to walk around the shops at the airport, then with a backpack, too, it is more convenient to dodge between layouts than rolling a suitcase everywhere behind you.
  • (-) the whole load must be carried on yourself. However, high-quality backpacks have well thought out ergonomics, the weight of the contents is properly distributed, there is an orthopedic back, the right shoulder straps. And to wear such a backpack, even filled to the end of the string, is really convenient.
  • (+) There are outer pockets and compartments for different things that should be at hand and may need to be on the road.
  • (-) These outer pockets can be available for pickpockets, if you go to crowded places. At the same time, fraudsters who are always hanging around in tourist places will prefer a person with a suitcase rather than a backpack as a potential victim. If only because it is less mobile. And the suitcase gives him a less experienced tourist, as traveling a lot of people, ultimately choose a backpack.
  • (+) If the backpack has a USB port, then you can charge and use your smartphone on the go. Also for a laptop in a backpack special shockproof compartments are provided. In general, a backpack is more adapted for carrying gadgets than a suitcase.
  • (-) here even we couldn’t think of anything

CONCLUSION. Suitcase - a great choice for tourists, "bags". If you want to have more independence in traveling - pick yourself a good backpack.

And what about the "backpack with wheels"?

Have you seen such models? It would seem - "a miracle of engineering thought"! If you want - take it, if you want - wear it on the straps. But, alas, when the knapsack and telescopic handle were attached to the backpack, the advantages of the suitcase were not so much added to it, as it was taken away from its important advantages. Yes, a hybrid, you can carry with you, but it is much smaller in size and heavier than a similar normal backpack.