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How to buy backpacks and bags Mark Ryden via Liqpay

The function of safe payment for goods via Liqpay is connected in our online store. This means that you can pay for the goods you selected online immediately when you choose it. Without expectations, commissions and "extra gestures". Let's analyze this payment method in more detail:

Mark Ryden

- MasterCart/Visa
- in cash
- internet banking Privat24
Payments from more than 150 countries in the on-line mode

What is Liqpay?

This is an electronic payment system created by Privatbank, but cardholders of any banks can use it. It allows you to make instant payments using a mobile phone, the Internet and Visa or Mastercard payment cards, wherever you are.

What are the benefits of this form of payment?

а) security. Internet shops connected to Liqpay are billed through a bank indicating the goods you pay for. In this case, all data for debiting funds from your card is filled exclusively on the platform Liqpay and Privat24.

б) speed. To make payment for the goods you do not need to wait for the manager's message with the card number to transfer money. You do not need to enter Privat24 to drive everything manually. Everything happens in a few clicks.

в) no additional payments. From your account, you will be charged exactly the amount indicated in the basket. You do not pay any commissions or interest for transferring funds.

How to pay (step by step instruction)

Step-1. Adding the goods to the shopping cart, click the "Order an order" button. A form for filling will appear. In the column "Methods of payment" choose "Online payment on the site" and fill in your contact information (name and phone number), as well as the city and the department for delivery. Filled in? Click "Order confirmed".

Step-2. You automatically switch to the platform Liqpay.ua. Here you will see to whom you pay the money, amount and address of delivery. Payment can be made in several ways.

а) In one click (available when filing from a desktop computer). Just scan the QR code on the screen with your smartphone through the Privat24 application.

б) By the card number and details.

в) A quick transition to Privat24 (with the graph appointing and the destination of the payment already filled, you do not have to drive anything).

г) through the purse Liqpay (if you have already registered or are going to register in the system, and create a virtual wallet)

д) Across MasterPass

Make payment, convenient to you way.

Step-3. The screen displays the ID of your order, the bank sends a check to you by e-mail. Click "Return to the site" and you are again in our store.

Mark Ryden