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Pixel backpack instruction with LED screen

We did the work with the backpack screen fast, convenient and intuitive. Once you complete the procedure, you will easily create and change images on your backpack, anytime and as many times as you want.

Pairing your backpack and your smartphone

Connect the Pixel backpack to a portable battery (Powerbank) or to a charger with 5V 1A output characteristics via USB cable. A welcome message will light up on the screen.
Download the free "LED Space" app for Android or iOS from Google Play or App Store. Launch the app and follow the prompts to connect to the device. Application in Russian.
In the phone settings, open the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth section and connect to an access point named "YS + serial number". To establish a connection with the device, enter the numbers "12345678" in the "Password" field.
After connecting to the "YS ..." access point, reopen the LED Space app and click the "Connect" button. Now create your own drawings, text, animations or download from your gallery and send to your screen.

Uploading Images to the Backpack Screen

  1. Select the "Program List" in the application and press "+".
  2. An available list of options will appear in a popup window:
    - text (you can select the font, size, color, animation mode and demonstration time)
    - picture (from your gallery)
    - GIF animation (from your gallery)
    - graphic combination (text + picture)
    - graffiti (create yourself directly in the application)
    - library of finished materials
  3. Choose the appropriate option, create your own image and click "Submit". Loading an image onto a backpack’s pixel screen can take anywhere from 2 seconds to a minute, depending on the total file size. Please note that the optimal resolution for pictures and animation is 64x64 megapixels.
  4. In order to clear the screen, change its brightness, set the timer, change the login (the unique name of the backpack screen) or the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth password, go to the “My LED” option on the main application menu.

And that's it, Mark Ryden’s LED backpack screen setup is now complete. As you can see, nothing complicated, even the youngest user can handle the settings.