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Backpacks for school

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How to choose the right backpack for the student?

The main rule is to choose him not for the child, but with him. After all, no matter how wonderful, functional, practical and beautiful the backpack seems to you, if your child does not like it, then he will not have satisfaction from the new clothes, as well as the mood to go to school with him. Moreover, the older your heir is, the lesser is your role. No less important - to allocate money for a school satchel. And at the same time make sure that it is safe, roomy and comfortable enough.

A backpack for a teenager is not just a carry for textbooks and school supplies. It is also a way of expressing it. He is already learning to make his own wardrobe, groping his own style. And if you don’t really go around with clothes at school, then with the help of an accessory he can demonstrate his hobbies, show belonging to a group of interests, or vice versa, emphasize his individuality, uniqueness. It is no coincidence that in the new school year, backpacks with an LED display will become the most popular. Not only because it is a novelty, fashionable technology, but also because it really can fully visually correspond to the worldview of a young person.

So it’s better to just make a reservation with your son or daughter about the estimated budget and the minimum criteria for a satchel. And if your student has already found a backpack for himself, do not dismiss it. And vice versa: the situation when you first saw an interesting model. Show it to your child, write down the benefits and place the order only when he has agreed with you. If he is against just such a backpack, do not hope that he will get used to it and ultimately appreciate your wisdom. Yes, he will have to come to terms. But think why and at the cost of what? Moreover, in fact, the range of accessories is really very large, you can always find the best option for the child.

Backpacks for schoolchildren Mark Ryden

So what to look for when searching? Most parents, caring for the health of the child, of course want to buy an orthopedic backpack for school. And although in fact the word "orthopedic" means something intended to treat or compensate for body deformations, in the broadest sense it is perceived as an object useful for the spine. And for some reason, many are convinced that the back should be exceptionally solid. "Dubova" (and even not completely!) It can only be for younger students. Strong children are no longer so critical, even more likely to interfere. And other ergonomic laws are already a priority, such as the correct location and width of the straps, the competent organization of the internal space, which allows you to most effectively distribute the total weight and reduce the load on the back. Orthopedic backrest for people, starting from middle school age, is already needed medium hardness. Even the design of school bags for girls and boys varies greatly with age. Bright backpacks with your favorite cartoon characters, cars and princesses, even fifth graders seem too kiddie. At the same time, a backpack suitable for a teenager should still be as durable and of high quality as possible. Children, even in high school, remain children. So, flying a portfolio through a corridor or using it as, for example, ice on a hill is not ruled out. Even with such tests, the seams should not creep, and things should be protected from bumps and getting wet. No less important criteria will be roominess and weight. All the necessary notebooks, textbooks will not fit into a too small bkpek, because the child will either crumple them or forget them at home. A voluminous product using coarse heavy materials, loaded with school supplies, will become a truly heavy burden and daily torment. Distinctive features of Mark Ryden backpacks

Distinctive features of Mark Ryden backpacks

Backpacks for schools from the Mark Raiden brand are great for children from grades 5 to 11. Their advantages:

  1. Durable Wear Resistant Materials
  2. Reliable hardware
  3. Wide comfortable shoulder straps
  4. Orthopedic "breathing" back
  5. Large capacity, extra pockets and compartments
  6. Empty weight less than 1 kg.
  7. Stylish trending design.

Our child will definitely like our portfolios to school; he will wear the chosen model with pleasure and comfort.