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Urban men's backpack is probably the most versatile version of the back pack. After all, among the variety of varieties of this carrier, it is the urban version that we use most often. He covers our back every day when we go to school or work, and we often take him for walks. And even on a trip, as a carry-on baggage, most often you want to take the usual backup in addition to your Luggage. Not surprisingly, the web is full of memes about guys whose constant companion from dawn to dusk becomes a favorite backpack. Unless they don't take him to bed. Do you think this is an exaggeration? You probably just haven't had a real Mark Ryden backpack yet

Even if you put the jokes aside, it becomes obvious that the choice of a standing product with straps is a responsible matter and largely determines your mood during the day. After all, what kind of mood can a person have if some angular object from the depths of the pack constantly rests on his back, or a strap constantly slides, or you need to get a card-wallet-laptop-other out of an inconvenient pocket several times. In General, backpacks for boys are of great importance and now we will tell you how to find a worthy copy that will become your companion for the next few years.

First, the product must be reliable. Choosing a backpack for decades doesn't make much sense. At least because in a dozen years it will look the same, and will lose relevance in form, and in functionality will be short (who knows what newfangled gadgets you will need to wear at that time), and it will cost a lot of money. But the sprawling seams and fabric in three months, broken snakes or a torn strap will clearly not please you. Brand backpack Mark Ryden is sewn from durable, high-tech materials that can withstand a serious load and strictly perform their duties. External materials protect things from moisture and damage, and internal ones from scratches and friction. We also use reliable hardware, selecting it clearly for the intended purpose.

Second, of course, it should be convenient. That is, to have wide, tight straps, orthopedic back, preferably with membrane inserts. The latter do not allow the backpack to slide off the back and do not create a greenhouse effect in the summer when you put your backpack directly on your t-shirt. We also consider the correct organization of internal and external compartments and pockets to be convenient. Your things will be in their places, in perfect order, and they will be convenient to remove and put back. We also add such useful things as an external USB port, a raincoat or anti-theft systems in the form of combination locks, double zippers, secret pockets.

Third, a youth men's backpack should look cool. A backpack that doesn't match your style can mercilessly destroy even the most fashionable bow, and a stylish copy on the back will complement the image of its owner. You can take masterclasses from designers mark Ryden on style issues, so you can safely choose any model you like from our line and be sure that it is now relevant and, thanks to its brevity, will be so for a long time.

By the way, in our Arsenal there are also men's bags, backpacks over the shoulder and with one strap. They will be especially useful for fans of hot trends, as well as those who do not carry a lot of things with them. But ideally, every men's wardrobe should have both options – classic and single-key.