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Children's backpacks

A school backpack is one of the main student attributes that is bought for a child when he goes to the first grade. And, although for a long school life, the portfolio will have to be changed more than once, the choice of the first satchel, as well as all subsequent ones, should be taken seriously. Because it is not only about comfort, but also about the health of your daughter or son. To do this, you need to know and take into account the most important characteristics that a good student backup should have. Moreover, these criteria change significantly with the growth and age of the student.

Let's start with children's backpacks for elementary school students. They differ from teenagers primarily in size, content, construction and design. And what they have in common is the quality requirements. But about everything in order:

Size: It is clear that for comfortable wear, a child with a height of 110 cm and 150 cm needs backpacks with different dimensions. For elementary school students, backpacks are specially made, designed for a height of 110 to 130 cm. 

Design: The products have a dense body and special attention is paid to the straps and back, as they have the greatest impact on posture. A chest lock will also be useful, so that the backpack is less loose when walking or running fast. The spine at this age continues to actively form, and it has to take on significant loads. By the way, according to the sannorms, the weight of the satchel should not exceed 10% of the child's weight.  But, alas, in our reality, when not all schools have a place where students can store textbooks and have to carry them home and back every day, when in addition to books you need to carry a lot of additional didactic and workbooks, albums, etc., this is not always feasible. Therefore, the question of the correct design is especially relevant. 

So, the straps should be moderately wide, with a soft lining, ideally with shock-absorbing inserts and, of course, adjustable in length.

As for the back, many still think that orthopedic = solid like an oak back. But this is not quite true. Yes, a good back will be tight, keep the shape, but it is not too rigid and smooth. Otherwise, instead of supporting the spine, it will create excessive pressure on the discs in the places of physiological bends – the so-called normokyphosis and normolordosis. Mark Ryden produces products for primary school students, taking into account the anatomical features of a child of this age. 

Filling: it is important to have external and internal pockets and compartments, a flat, solid, moisture-proof bottom. Kids have a lot of things that are better placed separately from textbooks, plus they learn to organize and organize the space. 

Almost all products for children (although they do not walk themselves without supervision) have reflective stripes that will make the child more visible on the road in the dark. Given that in winter it gets dark very early, and it gets light late, this may be really relevant.

Quality: Fabrics for sewing should be synthetic, so that the satchel is light, durable, moisture-proof, and easy to clean.  The accessories are reliable, the zippers are easy to "walk", and the retainers are convenient to "unbutton\fasten" with children's handles.  This also applies to backpacks for teenagers. Do not try to save on a portfolio by buying a cheap product made of low-grade materials. Most likely, such a backup will not survive even a year of busy school life, which means that you will have to order a new one so that the baby can be neat. 

We will continue the topic of backpacks for teenagers and reveal more in the category of school backpacks, where we have a wider selection of backpacks for high school students.

Choose orthopedic backpacks from Mark Ryden and your child of any age will go to school with joy and comfort.