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City backpacks

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A city backpack is one of the most convenient and necessary accessories that should be in the wardrobe of every modern resident of a megalopolis or small town. Its main characteristic is a relatively small volume (15-25 liters). But just such a capacity is optimal for daily trips, as well as as an additional carry to the main baggage on long trips. It is with such a backpack that you will be comfortable every day to go to school or work, to walk in the park. It is such a backpack that you need to take with you on a long trip, so that upon arrival at the place, leave a large suitcase in your room and go to explore the surroundings lightly, but with everything you need at your fingertips.

However, in addition to the dimensions, of course, there are other requirements that a modern urban backpack must meet. For example, it should be adapted to carry gadgets (who now rides without them). So, it should have special soft compartments for a laptop, tablet, powerbank. It is good if there is also an external USB port for quick and convenient charging of your smartphone on the go.

All expensive equipment and other valuables should be well protected from pickpockets. Therefore, Mark Ryden uses such anti-theft elements in its products, such as:

  • hidden lightning;
  • hidden pockets;
  • non-cutable plates;
  • combination locks;
  • design features that make it difficult for attackers to access equipment departments.

In addition, this accessory must be waterproof so that accidental rain does not spoil your things. Convenient, reliable and, of course, stylish. Mark Ryden Urban Backpacks were designed to meet the maximum demands of customers for design and functionality. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Quality control and testing is carried out at each stage of production. Therefore, study a wide range of products from our brand, see photos, read reviews and you can be sure: you will be 100% satisfied with the model you selected from Mark Ryden.

What to look for when choosing a backpack for the city

If you like to approach the selection of things thoroughly, then before you buy a city backpack, we suggest you study the list of signs that will allow you to find a quality product that is ideal for you.

Design - no matter how trite it may sound, but you should first of all like the backpack in appearance. Only in this case, you will get real pleasure from its use. In addition, it should fit well with your clothing style and look harmonious at you.

The quality of fabric, accessories and tailoring is nice, but made of low quality materials, in a short time the backpack will not only lose its appearance (although often such products initially look normal only on photographed photos, but when looking at them “live” and “to the touch” give themselves offal). But it will also “please” you with other surprises, in the form of a broken zipper, sprawling seams, lining fabric, etc. Mark Ryden branded backpacks are made only from high quality vinyl and PVC, which provide products with a presentable and durable. They do not deform, do not cough, do not tear and have moisture protection functions. SBS hardware withstands over 50,000 open / close cycles.

Ergonomics - of course, it’s good when the main compartment (or at least the departments for equipment) has anti-theft protection, which primarily implies the inability to access them while the backpack is behind you. But it is also convenient when the backpack has external pockets with simple, quick access, where you can put different small things like napkins, bottles of water, etc. You do not need to open the entire backpack to get, for example, a token. It is good when the back is firm, orthopedic, and even better if it and the straps have soft pads with ventilated holes. Then in the summer your back does not sweat, and in winter the straps do not slip on the jacket. It is good when there is an additional strap on the back of the suitcase. Even if you do not travel often, this feature will help you rarely, but very accurately. It’s good when the internal organization of space is thought out competently, like Mark Ryden’s backpacks. Then for everything there will be a place, and the weight of the contents will be correctly balanced, which will sensitively unload the shoulders and back.

Capacity - choose the size of the backpack in accordance with the number and dimensions of the things that you usually wear. For example, if you have a "seed" and you have to carry it with you, set the search filter to for laptops 17"

In some models, you can get other bonuses, for example, a quick-detachable keychain for keys, a thermowell, an external pocket for a wet umbrella. But the above selection criteria are still basic.