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Backpacks Mark Ryden - a high-quality products for people with excellent taste, leading an active lifestyle. If you value functionality and comfort, aesthetics and durability, then you will be able to choose your own backpack in a wide range of models from Mark Ryden.

First, Mark Ryden backpacks catch your eye with their laconic and trendy appearance. The longer you look at them, the more you are convinced - there are not any unnecessary or missing details in the products. So everything is thoughtful, functional. Ultimately Mark Ryden will conquer you (as well as us in due time), when you first touch your backpack. Feel the quality of the hands of the fabric, accessories, make sure how easy it is to use.

Mark Ryden is really quality and technology in every detail. Such a backpack will be one of your most successful purchases, the best gift for yourself, your beloved, your son or your husband. He will serve for many years as a real helper in close and long trips, traveling.

A backpack is really the most convenient tool for carrying things. Hands are free, nothing hinders movement, and everything you need is always with you. A well-chosen model will provide you with comfort in travel, travel, which is difficult to overestimate. But how to choose the "same backpack"?

To begin with, there are specialized ones, but there are "general purpose" ones, the so-called "city backpacks". It is clear that if you are going on a long hike with climbing high into the mountains, then you will need a special type of carrying, with a volume of several tens of liters, for transporting equipment, provisions, and other things. But frankly, this is far from the daily task of a city dweller. Therefore, if you do not go hiking every six months to a year, it is generally more rational to rent a hiking backpack. A completely different story with backpacks for the city, that is, everyday life, traveling "light" when you take a laptop and / or tablet, a powerbank, can have a notebook, pens, a bottle of water, an umbrella, a jacket ... in general, everyone has his own list . Then, before choosing a product, we determine the following characteristics and features.

1. Functionality and scope. If you carry office equipment with you, of course, it is good if there is a specially designated place for it. As a rule, this is a pocket with internal soft layers (protects from bumps), located near the back - for the correct balance of weight, safety from thieves, accidental shocks. Based on the diagonal of your gadget, choose a backpack with the appropriate size of this pocket. For example, most Mark Ryden backpacks easily include a laptop with a diagonal of up to 15.6 inches. But there are models under 17 inches - "seeds". It is convenient to charge the phone along the way when there is an external USB port. At Mark Ryden, it is built into almost all models. And some even have solar panels. You walk along the street, charge your smartphone or tablet, and save the charge of the bank until the evening. In general, the more specialized departments, holders, compartments, eyelets, webbing and pockets (for glasses, an umbrella, a bottle, a smartphone, etc.) are, the more comfortable you will be. Especially orderly, your things will neatly be arranged. Even such a trifle as pockets on straps for plastic cards, travel cards, saves time, because the backpack does not need to be removed from the back.

2. Anti-theft function. This refers to hidden zippers of the general compartment, access to which is only from the back. That is, while the backpack is hanging behind you, you cannot open it. Or combination locks on dogs of the same lightning. That is, without your knowledge, for example, they will not open it in the locker room. Or not cut through plates sewn into the layers of the outer shell of a backpack. Even a pickpocket armed with a razor will not get to your wallet and smartphone. Backpacks - anti-theft are usually a little more expensive than regular ones. But if you are concerned about the safety of your valuables, it is better to choose models with such features.

3. Appearance. It is clear that you use a backpack with pleasure when it is not only convenient, but you also like the design. As they say, all felt-tip pens are different in taste and color, but still, even in the exterior of backpacks, there are trends. Whether it is a geek, business or sports style, you can choose the appropriate fashionable and current accessory, or you can miss it. As a result, a backpack can become either a harmonious addition / fashion accent in your image, or look like a foreign element. As if you urgently needed to hide your belongings somewhere, so you bought the first bag you got in the nearest store. Designers Mark Ryden not only follow fashion trends, but also create truly stylish bags that will be relevant for many years. You just have to choose your favorite model.

4. Quality. This item, although it is the last on the list, is actually the most important. It's a shame to make a practical purchase like a backpack, but it will creep out, burn out, break, lose shape in a few months. Do not throw away your money on fakes, but also spend it rationally on brands. For example, there are Tigernu or Kingsons that are slightly cheaper and not bad in quality, but they are significantly inferior in quality to Mark Ryden backpacks. At the same time, Mark Ryden is more affordable and really no worse, and in many aspects it even surpasses companies such as Dakine, Deuter, Swiss Gear or the same Bobby from XD Design. Mark Ryden - really will be your best choice in terms of price / quality.