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Do you know the difference between a purse and a wallet? Although these words are often used synonymously, they actually mean different types of" money " products.  The purse is officially only a men's accessory, it is folded into two or three parts, and the clasp is either not at all, or it is made in the form of a short ribbon with a button.  All other products of the vertical or horizontal type, with compartments for bills, cards, photos, with a coin holder, snaps and zippered pockets are purses. Such accessories are still very popular, because despite the fact that we are increasingly using electronic money, rather than physical, it is still difficult to completely get away from cash. So let's figure out how to choose the optimal model. 

To begin with, we still agree that there are purely women's wallets, but all men's can actually be safely attributed to the category of unisex. After all, a man is unlikely to choose a shiny, say, bright pink model with an ornate clasp and an imitation of a lace border around the edge. And not every woman is looking for products with purely girlish jewelry, details and color type. Instead, many girls will prefer a strict" male " monochrome version without decorative frills. Therefore, Mark Ryden creates mostly concise models in the most trending style of minimalism, which will suit everyone and everyone. 

The most trending and universal material can also be called the material from which wallets are sewn. After all, polyester is a durable artificial material that has a moisture-proof impregnation, does not rub and does not tear. This means that the products not only serve for a long time, but also retain a decent appearance until the very end.  

When you look closely at your wallet, remember what you usually carry in it or what you are going to carry in it.  Usually you pay with a card, and there is very little cash with you – one compartment for bills is quite enough. If you usually have a decent assortment of banknotes, also in different currencies (hryvnia and dollars / euros, for example) - then take an accessory with two compartments to sort the bills. The driver's license and technical passport can be put in a card pocket or a transparent mesh pocket. 

In terms of functionality, wallets are divided into brestvalet, bifold and trifold. 

The first-brestvalet-is a cuypurnik for a breast pocket. It is flat, with several compartments in which the banknotes are stored without bending. It is convenient to carry it in a bag, backpack, in the same chest pocket or jacket, but in the back pocket of jeans you can hardly put it because of the size. 

The second is the bifold-the most popular compact wallet that folds in half. In addition to the main large compartment for bills, it also has several pockets for cards. It is difficult to call it super-fit, but it will fit such a product in almost any pocket.

The third-the trifold-is the most multifunctional wallet, consisting of three folded parts with many compartments and pockets. It will fit everything from money to cards and business cards, although it is larger than its "brothers". 

In addition to the main types of wallets, there are such specialized accessories as a business card holder and a traveler. In the first, in addition to standard pockets, there are departments for foreign and civil passports, printed plane or train tickets, insurance and certificates.

By the way, after the active appearance of "plastic" in our lives, we began to use the cardholder more and more often. Either in addition to the wallet, when the cards that you need to carry with you no longer fit in the compartments of the wallet, or vice versa, as an independent accessory, managing to carry folded bills in it.