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Backpack with LED screen Mark Ryden Pixel MR9798 Black

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Mark Ryden Pixel MR9798 LED Backpack

Thinking about buying a backpack to school? Or maybe you want to express yourself and show your individuality? Welcome to the future! Create or upload labels, images, gifs from the gallery and send them to the LED glowing backpack screen. You no longer need to manually build a picture on a backpack with pixels. A lively animated image on the portfolio produces an unambiguous wow effect and leaves no one indifferent. You will probably see a person glance if you see such a backpack on it.

At the same time, the LED display can serve not only for entertainment, but also be really useful. For example, on a backpack of a child who needs to cross a road with a lot of traffic, or a cyclist / motorcyclist, you can program a blinking picture. This will attract the attention of road users and make the owner of the backpack more visible on the road. Or you can use the backpack screen for advertising, and the level of interest of the audience to your creative will be much higher than to the usual inscriptions and logo.

A backpack with a LED screen will definitely be appreciated by teenagers. With it, you can personalize your image, isolate yourself, or, on the contrary, show your belonging to a team, a group of interests.

You can change the images that will fit your mood, whenever you want and as many times as you like. Want to find people who are just as fond of playing Minecraft or CS GO? Just bring the picture from the game to the backpack. Are you a fan of Marvel? Tell people about it through the LED screen.

Pictures are uploaded to the display using a handy app on a smartphone. You can use graphic combinations (picture text), character-lettering, animation, drawings that you create yourself or download from a large library of ready-made materials. No lego backpacks! Only modern technology.

The monitor is powered from your powerbank, which you place inside the backlit backpack. The satchel itself is made of high-quality waterproof polyester and EVA composite material. On the straps added non-slip air membrane for long comfortable wearing. Branded hardware withstands more than 50 thousand cycles of opening / closing. Inside there is a soft compartment under a laptop with a diagonal of up to 15.6 inches.

Рюкзак с Лед экраном

Рюкзак upixel с экраном

Рюкзак с Лед экраном

Рюкзак с Лед экраном

Рюкзак с Лед экраном

Рюкзак с Лед экраном

Рюкзак с Лед экраном

Рюкзак с Лед экраном

The line of models MARK RYDEN AIR is sent in branded branded boxes with the details of our company

Коробка Рюкзака с Лед экраном


Item type Backpack
Gender Unisex
View Everyday
Closure type Zipper
Color Black
Main material Polyester
Special features LED display; power supply power wire; 15.6 "notebook compartment; free content editing application; support for Android and iOS.
Weight 0,8 kg
Size 30 cm х 40 cm х 13 cm
Capacity 15L
For laptop with screen size 15.6"
Laptop pocket height 380 mm
Laptop pocket width 260 mm
Laptop pocket depth 30 mm
Brand Mark Ryden
Brand country Great Britain
Country manufacture China
Warranty 90 days

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