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Powerbank RoHS 10400 mAh

Powerbank RoHS 10400 mAh
Powerbank RoHS 10400 mAh
Powerbank RoHS 10400 mAhPowerbank RoHS 10400 mAhPowerbank RoHS 10400 mAh
Powerbank RoHS 10400 mAh
Mark Ryden
Product Code: PB1040
590 грн
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Powerbank RoHS

Power Bank RoSH 10400 mAh is manufactured in an aluminum case, which provides wear resistance and corrosion resistance, also gives an excellent appearance. The robust case material ensures that when dropped, the bank is not interrupted. The battery has protection against:

  • - deep discharge and increased recharge; wrong connection;
  • - high humidity and low ambient temperature - the device is equipped with a microcontroller that will protect the use of the charger;
  • - short circuit; overvoltage on the input and output connectors - the device immediately turns off as soon as the voltage exceeds the norm.

We recommend it for purchase together with a backpack with a MARK RYDEN PIXEL LED screen.

On the back side there is a light indication of the battery charge as well as two outputs:

  • - USB
  • - micro-usb

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