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What should be a women's urban backpack? Of course beautiful! Any girl will first of all pay attention to the appearance of the product, immediately figure out what her clothes will look best bekpek. Assess how presentable the accessory is, whether it will forgive or Vice versa add pepper to the image. He will estimate how relevant this model is today, whether it is an outdated trend that bored everyone to the point of teeth grinding a few seasons ago. In General, the design of a backpack is the initial selection criterion, after which we already switch to other equally, and often even more important parameters.

Therefore, in the Mark Ryden model line, you will find products for every taste from purely girlish backpacks to unisex backpacks, because they contrast even more expressively emphasize the femininity of their owner. All of them are United by the brevity and minimalism that our brand professes. And minimalism does not go out of fashion – it is the basis of every stylish wardrobe. Because whatever you choose – marshmallow pink Dolce, office grey Oxford, classic black Lucky, futuristic vinyl Shitin or any rebellious fabric backpack of the Muzee series – you can be sure that this practical accessory is probably relevant now, will remain so in a year or two, until you personally get bored and want something new.

However, stylish backpacks for girls from Mark Ryden are not just a beautiful accessory, but above all a functional and practical product that perfectly fulfills its main task and allows you to comfortably carry all the things you need on everyday trips. Here the brand does not compromise with fashion and does not concede an ounce of practicality in favor of trends. We are perfectly able to maintain the optimal balance between the spectacular appearance of the backpack and a well-thought-out "filling", which allows you to enjoy the use of the back pack to the fullest.

Girls ' backpacks of our manufacturer are able to withstand a serious load of daily use and not lose their presentable appearance. And you can load it (and most likely will) in full. For example, each model has soft compartments or compartments for a laptop. Even if you do not carry a laptop with you all the time, if necessary, you can use your own backup for this purpose and it will be much more convenient than any, even a specialized bag. Moreover, the volume of the product will allow you to carry, in addition to the standard smartphone-wallet-cosmetic bag-Notepad, also, for example, a change of clothes. That is, everything you need to carry can really fit in a backpack. And it will be convenient to carry all this, your hands will remain free. And what doesn't fit… Are you sure that a girl should carry such heavy things at all?

We pay special attention to details. All these internal and external pockets are located not just like that, but with ergonomics calculated to the smallest detail. We choose the most reliable materials, accessories, and monitor the quality of each seam. We produce models with and without a raincoat (so that you always have a choice), with comfortable straps, a back that supports the spine well, does not dig into anything and does not press, even if there is some angular object inside. A fashionable backpack for girls to school, University or work-all this you will find at Mark Ryden. With our backpacks, it is convenient to go to training, walk in the Park with a child or go on a trip to walk light on the streets of new cities and nothing distracts you from enjoying the beauty of this world.