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Backpacks for hand luggage

How to choose a backpack for hand luggage

From any experienced traveler, you will surely hear one important advice - take a backpack in your hand luggage on a plane. Those who often fly by different airlines, who, as they say, eat a dog in different situations at the airport, finally come to the conclusion that the backpack for the aircraft is optimal, hand luggage in the form of a bag or a small suitcase may be more convenient as an addition to him, not a replacement. Let's see why you need a backpack for hand luggage on the plane and which one you need.

The freedom of action
The main advantage of the backpack is that you are mobile, your hands are free and, if necessary, you can always get the right thing from the side pocket or even the main compartment without interrupting the entire contents. Imagine how many times you need to go through the frame and check from the moment you enter the airport until you board the plane. How many times do you need to show documents, get a laptop or tablet, because they need to be laid out on a tape separately from other baggage. So, if you only have a suitcase with you (for example, the MAU now allows only one unit of luggage, and you need to pay an extra 15 euros for any laptop bag or even a package of duty free), then you should carry out all these manipulations by opening the suitcase at least uncomfortable. Trifle such as napkins will have to cram into the pockets, because the outer compartment for what should be at hand, the suitcase, as a rule, also does not have.

Travel bag is devoid of these shortcomings. Here and quick access, and a special department for equipment can be. But others appear. It can not be rolled or thrown behind the back, hands are busy. Strap over the shoulder partially saves the situation, but due to uneven weight balancing due to lateral load, it is still not so convenient. While you wait for landing, wipe it all the floors at the airport. After all, put it on the floor, considering something at the counter of the shop or ordering coffee in the mini-cafe.

Of course, most airlines allow you to take two units of luggage at once. Then the traveler can take a suitcase / bag and plus a backpack, which will not take extra hands. If you have to choose one thing due to the limitations of the air carrier, or there is no need to pack a lot of things into the cabin, one accessory for carrying baggage will suffice, then give preference to a backpack. And you will spend all your travel time comfortably. So a backpack for traveling by air is a carry-on bag - this is a masthead for a person who is going on a business trip, business or leisure trip.

We look at the fabric, pocket for laptop and dimensions
But before you buy a backpack for hand luggage in the plane, make sure that it has the characteristics that really make your trip comfortable.

  1. It must be reliable. What can be pleasant in a suddenly dispersed seam, a torn strap or a spreading lightning through which your things gape or even fall out. Travel with an accessory made of durable, dense, moisture-proof fabric, with high-quality accessories, tailoring. Such products creates a brand Mark Ryden.
  2. He must have a special compartment or at least a pocket for a laptop tablet. Agree, few people now travel without such equipment. Naturally it is important that the gadgets survived transportation unharmed. Therefore, you need to buy a backpack for hand luggage in an airplane not for sports (only for clothes and replacement shoes), but adapted for carrying the laptop.
  3. External USB-port - the case when accurately evaluate a small, but very relevant detail. Remember how much time you sometimes have to spend on flights. Thanks to the USB-connector, you can charge your smartphone without even taking out your powerbank from carrying.
  4. Size is perhaps the most interesting question for the traveler. All Mark Ryden backpacks fit into the dimensions of the standard cabin baggage (Cabin bag) of all airlines, including low-cost, here your choice is not limited. But if you have to fly such a low-cost airline like Ryanair or WizzAir, then the size of the accessory allowed on board depends on whether you paid for the Priority Fit service. If not, then you can take only the Small bag to the salon (that is, what is usually allowed for air carriers in addition to carrying the Cabin bag). Then take a light backpack for hand luggage with more modest dimensions. On our website, you can find a travel backpack for hand luggage that suggests the necessary parameters or choose any backpack with one shoulder strap, among which there are also very roomy models.
  5. Strap on the suitcase - another little thing that can sometimes add comfort in the journey. With it, you can fix the backpack on top of a suitcase and roll all the luggage together. So, when choosing which one to buy a travel backpack for hand luggage, pay attention to the presence of a special cross strap on the back.
  6. Appearance - first of all, the men's backpack for hand luggage should you like the design, be presentable, non-marking, fit the different styles of clothing. If you buy a backpack for men's luggage brand Mark Ryden, it will certainly meet all your needs for functionality, practicality, appearance one hundred percent. There are more than 50 models in the assortment of our brand, among which you will surely find "your own".

You can buy a backpack in Ukraine for hand luggage on the plane on our website in a convenient way for you. Accepted online order payment, payment by bank details or cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods. Here you can find reviews on your favorite models. The price of a backpack for hand luggage is also indicated on the page of each product, the possible variants of the model are shown.

By the way, pay attention to the model of transformers. They can be worn on the back, like a backpack, and you can, hiding in the straps, use the accessory as a travel bag. Bag backpack hand luggage in the plane is convenient for its versatility. For example, when you already have one backpack behind your back, you can carry the second one by the handles or on a long shoulder strap.