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Muzee backpacks

We are happy and proud to present you the Muzee brand. It will be a real find for those who love things in vintage, retro style, military and those who appreciate original interesting accessories, who can use them to refresh and make any modern outfit memorable. Expressive design is the first feature of Muzee that you immediately pay attention to. But it is worth looking closely, as we see that the spectacular appearance of the products is reliably supported by a high-quality selection of materials, accurate tailoring, and a careful selection of the smallest decorative details.  In the range of the brand you will find travel bags, backpacks for travel and for everyday wear, the so-called "urban". They are distinguished primarily by their size and capacity. Also, the product line has expanded with compact shoulder bags, messengers. And relatively recently, according to multiple requests from customers (thank you for your perseverance!) added wallets and wallets. Now you can assemble the entire Muzee branded accessory kit.

Our fabric backpacks really stand out significantly among the accessories of all vintage brands. It would seem that there is a similar form factor (soft body), the type of fabric (canvas), and even the color scheme, due to the stylization of a vintage hiking theme. But it is Muzi who attracts the eye, his products want to be considered, they are easy to imagine in a variety of images, they put an interesting and harmonious accent in any bow.  

First of all, it's about the fabric. Our canvas is 100% cotton of special density. It is soft enough to create a cozy smoothness of the body lines, but also dense enough to hold the desired configuration, provide wear resistance and comfort in using the product. In addition, it is worth mentioning the approach to coloring the materials of backpacks and vintage bags. It is made with the effect of bleaching or artificially aged fabric, which gives a special charm to the accessory. Just imagine for a moment the same model with a uniform color and gradient. You will immediately understand how much more profitable and interesting the last option looks. Our designers carefully consider the location of prints, decorative stripes, carabiners, fastex, select the thickness and texture of twine, ribbons, which are perfectly combined in the final sketch of the model. Accessories are also selected not only for their level of reliability (which is extremely important!), but also for their compliance with the design task.

You will be pleased with the manufacturer's concern for quality, which is manifested in attention to the smallest details. Every stitch and stitch is rechecked. The most suitable lining is selected, so that you get a real pleasure from using our products.

Although Muzee preaches a rebellious aesthetic of free-spirited people, its products look quite organically in everyday urban images, they are practical, they are convenient to wear every day to school, work and take on trips. To do this, the designers provided soft compartments for equipment in the general compartment of the backpacks. As a rule, this is a laptop with a diagonal of up to 15.6 inches or a tablet. The camouflaged external USB port, which is present on many models, allows you to charge your smartphone without removing the power bank from the closed backpack. The wide shoulder straps are adjustable and fit comfortably on the shoulders.