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Anti theft Backpacks

City backpack anti-theft will help protect your belongings and gadgets from intruders in transport, at train stations, at airports, in any crowded places. After all, the theft of documents, money, a smartphone or laptop on the road means not only significant material losses, but also the collapse of most of the plans for the trip, a lot of nerves and time to restore the lost (if this is even possible later). So let's look at what anti-theft features Mark Ryden puts on its backups and how they work.

1. Design feature. It implies a limited access to the valuables inside the backpack, while it is behind your back. According to this principle, a hidden zipper on the main compartment, hidden by the hood of the case, works. The attacker will not be able to unbutton it unnoticeably and get inside, as he will have to literally turn the backdoor right at you. A high degree of proximity to the body (and therefore increased sensitivity) is also used by placing the compartment under the equipment at the very back, because in fact a laptop and tablet are often the most expensive things from the contents. This arrangement, in addition to the fact that you can suddenly feel the "movement" of the laptop being taken out on the back (even if the backpack back itself is dense and orthopedic), also allows you to properly balance the weight of the briefcase and reduce the load on the spine and shoulders.

Well, a mini-element of the anti-theft system is considered a secret pocket on the back for documents, passports, tickets, a smartphone, etc., which is also inaccessible to anyone while the backpack is worn on the back.  

2. Combination lock. Very convenient thing not only on the road, but also in cases when the backpack needs to be left unattended, for example, in the locker room. Also, such a backup can be safely checked in the luggage if necessary. A lock with a code locks the zippers and locks the main compartment. And for small things that should be at hand, as a rule, there are a couple of external pockets.

3. Polypropylene plates. For the first time, these appeared on the anti-theft backpack bobby and then began to be used by other brands. So Mark Ryden has several such models (HERE YOU CAN GIVE AN ACTIVE LINK TO THE SAFE, PANZER AND ROCK). Light, but strong plates are sewn into the upholstery of the backpack in the front part or on all sides, they can not be cut or pierced with a knife or razor. This means that no one will disembowel the backdoor by ripping it open behind your back. In addition, they serve as additional protection against bumps and squeezes, because you never know what can happen on the way. In addition, the frame product on the plates always keeps its shape perfectly.

4. Steel rod-leash. It can be strapped to the leg of a bench (for example, while you are sitting in the waiting room or in the park) and not worry that someone will steal your briefcase while you are looking the other way for a moment.

5. RFID Blocking pocket for bank card protection. This is perhaps the most recent innovation in the field of backpacker security, developed in response to a new type of theft that first swept Asian megacities and gradually spread around the world. It is designed to protect credit cards from unauthorized withdrawals by thieves with portable scanners. Thieves, who often trade in the subway, lean the device against the backpacks and bags of passengers and withdraw money from their cards in an amount that does not require authentication, that is, entering a PIN code. By the time the victim finds out that she was robbed, that is, receives a notification from the bank about the withdrawal of funds, the crook will already disappear from the horizon.  

Therefore, the pockets of the backpacks are equipped with a special material that serves as a screen-protection and prevents the removal of data by any device. The anti-theft backpack in the male and female versions with an anti-scanner system is already available at Mark Ryden.  Look for models with the "RFID Blocking" icon.

Backpacks with the TSA combination lock provide reliable protection of your belongings from thieves. The lock fixes the dogs on the zipper of the main compartment of the backpack and it opens only if the three-digit code is correctly set. This means that no one can get into the backpack not only while you are in the crowd (protection of this level is provided by conventional anti-theft systems with hidden zippers that hide behind your back), but also when the backpack is out of your visibility range (for example, it hangs in locker room).