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Backpacks for laptops up to 17.3"

A large laptop is great, but in addition to the advantages over a more modest analogue, it sets a number of tasks for its owner.

Firstly, it is usually heavy. And if you have to take it with you, then I would like it to be really convenient. That is, it is better to choose a backpack as a carrying, since it is easier to carry it on your back than in a bag by the handles or on a long strap.

Secondly, a large laptop will not fit in any city backpack. Mark Ryden has developed several models specifically for laptops with a diagonal of 17.6 inches. They are reliable, practical and at the same time have a stylish trend design. They are perfect for daily trips around the city, and for long journeys. With them, your laptop will be protected from rain, shock, squeezing, and you can enjoy comfort throughout the journey.

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How to choose a laptop backpack 17 inch?

First of all, a city backpack for a laptop should fit it in size. Consider that models of laptops with the same diagonal may have different dimensions. Therefore, frameless laptops, even with a large screen, can fit in a pocket of a backpack, which is designed for a gadget with a smaller diagonal of the monitor. In contrast, a laptop with a very large case may not fit into the standard carrying compartment. In order for your Seminashka to "sit down" in its place in a backpack, Mark Ryden creates models with optimal pocket sizes for a laptop and a tablet. With a small margin in the internal space, but rather dense and with reliable fixation so that the equipment does not hang out inside.

Also your backpack should be reliable and practical. Mark Ryden manufactures its products only from the highest quality waterproof fabrics using SBS branded hardware that can withstand more than 50,000 open / close cycles. Our backpacks have competent ergonomics of the case, so that they are comfortable to wear even all day, and thoughtful organization of the internal space. All your belongings will be in their places and in perfect order. And, of course, the backpack should you like. The design of the backpacks from Mark Ryden corresponds to the latest fashion trends, but at the same time it has different styles, so you can easily find a model that will suit you. So, if you want to buy a backpack for a 17-inch laptop, consider that you have already found the online store you need. It remains only to choose "your" model, which will faithfully serve you for many years.