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Backpacks for laptops 17.3" inch

Mark Ryden backpacks for 17-inch laptops provide an even load on your shoulders and free up your hands. You can take additional accessories and everyday things with you. A large laptop is great, but in addition to its advantages over its modest size, it sets a number of tasks for its owner .

A large laptop is great, but in addition to the advantages over a more modest analogue, it sets a number of tasks for its owner.

Firstly, it is usually heavy. And if you have to take it with you, then I would like it to be really convenient. That is, it is better to choose a backpack as a carrying, since it is easier to carry it on your back than in a bag by the handles or on a long strap.

Secondly, a large laptop will not fit in any city backpack. Mark Ryden has developed several models specifically for laptops with a diagonal of 17.6 inches. They are reliable, practical and at the same time have a stylish trend design. They are perfect for daily trips around the city, and for long journeys. With them, your laptop will be protected from rain, shock, squeezing, and you can enjoy comfort throughout the journey.