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Anti theft Backpacks

Anti theft backpacks are the future of every day travel gear. The hidden zippers of the Mark Ryden anti theft backpacks are making your daily travelling more secure. Travel smart. Function "Antivor" - there are hidden secret zippers of the general office, access to which is only on the side of the back. That is, while the backpack hangs behind your back, you can not open it. Or code locks on dogs of the same lightning. That is, without your knowledge, for example, in the locker room it will not be opened. Or not cut-through plates sewn into the layers of the outer shell of the backpack. Even a pickpocket armed with a razor will not reach your wallet and smartphone. Backpacks - anti-cars are, as a rule, slightly more expensive than usual. But if you are concerned about the safety of your valuables, it is better to choose models with such features.